Friday, February 5, 2010

Whistler and Knitting

We spent a lovely week in Whistler and it is just before the Olympics. The town is getting ready for the festivities. I got a lot of knitting done--mostly things to be felted because I have a front loader machine and the condo had a top loader. One day we went to the Cultural center and saw a great presentation and artifacts of the NW Indians. Got lots of ideas for our Lodge theme condo. They had a great bear skin rug and I got to look at it very closely and saw how the backing and felt were added to turn it into a rug. I am going to do that with a large beaver pelt that I have. I know there is a size difference here but remember I live in a condo! On our way home we spent the night in Seattle to see our daughter and Nick and our grandpuppy. Auggy gave us tons of stuff--some great Harney & Sons teas to add to the collection she gave us at Xmas, more of her fabulous goat milk soap and rose scented body cream and T-shirt project stuff (transfers all ready to iron on that she scanned and dyes to color the shirts). We are going to have some fun with that!
Once home I was so happy that I had not had a migraine on this trip. I always get horrendous ones when we travel-especially by plane. When Tues morn I started feeling bad and it got worse and worse until it was really awful and I was maxed out on meds and had my second Great American Aran afghan class. I went to class and managed ok---but went straight to bed when I got home. I put on my thinking cap yesterday (when I could think clearly again) and realized that I had not taken my vitamins in Whistler (because I forgot them) and I took one on Tues. morning. Aha!!!! I changed from the regular women's vitamins to the silver brand (since I am now of the silver stage) And low and behold my body is telling me no no no you are not of the silver age yet!!!! Actually there are more B vitamins and magnesium in the formula and I have very great trouble with Riboflavin B2 and Magnesium. When I first started getting very bad migraines in 2001 I started taking a formula of triple therapy--It contained feverfew, Riboflavin and Magnesium. My headaches got way worse. Over time I figured out it was the B3-riboflavin as the culprit. So now I am recovered and my energy is back. I have plans today to work on a red velvet vest I started before Xmas for guess what Xmas--now I can say it is for Valentine's day! I also have to add some well placed embroidery on the collar of my warmest coat. Getting ready for Whistler I brought out my warmest coat and there are some little holes on the collar--from some hungry moths. I always think flowers embroideries are sweet and what better place than the collar?
When we got home after being gone 10 days my Prius was dead as a doornail. Not good because a month ago the battery was dead and the dealership said we must have left something on and the battery was old etc. Well this is the 3rd time it has been dead in 3 months and we did not leave anything on this time for sure---the first time I wasn't sure-but in 5 years of owning the car I have never left stuff on. The second time I was sure but let the dealership convince me it was a low battery. This time no way. But they did not charge me for the visit and paid to have it jumped by roadside asst. Now they are telling me not to leave the car undriven for 5 days . That is ridiculous--the manual says 2 weeks and we have left it longer than that without any problems. So I take it we have an electrical problem--I am so glad we bought the extended warrenty. However if the dealership is going to continue along these lines --we will have a loyalty problem and I will go back to VW or something Chris recommends.

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